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E-liquid fragrance

Upgrade your vaping experience with an aromatic blend of the best tobacco leaves and great vintage fragrances.


“A lasting taste of irresistible flavor”


“Craftsmanship of E-liquid at its finest”


“The taste is absolutely mesmeriszing”

An elevated vaping

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Tobacco & Flavored E-liquid

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Boxes of 5 & 10 bottles

vegetable-sourced glycerin

Mature for over a month

recyclable glass containers

great vintage flavors

Premium ingredients

An E-liquid like no other

Each drop embodies the perfect blend of premium ingredients and great fragrances. Inhale the results of a meticulously balance between tobacco and great vintage flavors.

Elevate your vaping journey with our artisanal creation.

Purity and sustainability

Crafted with pure, vegetable-sourced glycerin and the highest quality propylene and matured for over a month to guarantee perfection.

Made with recyclable glass containers that protect our E-liquids from plastic contamination while preserving their integrity.

Crafted with vintage fragrances and vegetal raw materials

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Elevate your vaping experience

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